Arabia Moomin mug 0,4L ABC V

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Arabia Moomin mug 0,4L ABC V

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Arabia Moomin mug 0,4L ABC V

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The mugs from the new Alphabet-collection enable you to gift funny gifts with the first letter of the receiver's name, as well as mug sets that allow you to make meaningful words.

On the V-Moomin mug we can meet Fuddler, who is one-sidedly in love with Mymble, who in turn has set her sights on an eccentric psychiatrist, Dr. Hatter (or Dr. Schrünkel). The illustration on the back of the larger mug in the ABC collection was inspired by the comic "Fuddler's Courtship".

  • vitro porcelain
  • capacity 0,4l
  • microwave safe
  • ovenproof, max 250°C degrees
  • freezer safe
  • dishwasher safe

Manufacturer: Arabia





























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