A Little Lovely Company lamp Little Moon

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A Little Lovely Company lamp Little Moon

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Product description

Super adorable and tiny moon light for the children's room!

Product details

There environmentally friendly lamps are child-safe and they are made from BPA-free and unleaded PCV. The lamp creates a soft glow when it's turned on. You can turn the lamp on, off or put the timer on. Once you turn on the timer, the lamp turns off automatically after 15 minutes. This saves the batteries and is better for the environment! We recommend using the timer, since the batteries that come with the lamp last around 20 hours.

  • Measurements: 15,5 x 9 x 13 cm
  • Material: BPA- and lead-free PVC
  • The lamp works with 3 LR44 -batteries (included)
  • A timer option

Manufacturer: A Little Lovely Company

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