Arabia Collector's plates Christmas & Drawing, part 7/10

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Arabia Collector's plates Christmas & Drawing, part 7/10

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Arabia Special plates Drawing & Christmas, part 7/10

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Arabia launched a new series of collector's edition plates based on the rarest illustrations of Moomin mugs. There are now 1-6/10 plates launched so far and now here's the part 7/10. There will be all in all 20 different plates, always a set of two, coming on sale yearly in the future. In this set the illustrations are chosen from Moomin mugs Drawing (1996-2002) and Christmas (2004, 2005).

  • This set of plates is part 7/10 of the series.
  • Special batch, available for only as long as there are products in stock. 
  • The collector's plates come as a set of 2 plates and will be delivered in a cardboard box.

Manufacturer: Arabia

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