A Little Lovely Company Cloud lamp

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A Little Lovely Company Cloud lamp

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A Little Lovely Company Cloud light

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Adorable Cloud nightlight with a timer function gives the children a safe feeling in the dark. Who wouldn't want to sleep in the care of a fluffy cloud? The nightlight envelopes the room in a soft glow that makes it perfect for children that don't like to sleep in the dark. The light is also practical for feeding at night.

Due to the environmental-friendly LED-lamp  the material does not heat up and can be safely used by children. You can turn the lamp on and off, but is also has the optional timer that can be set that so that the lamp turn off automatically after 15 minutes.

  • Size: 24,5 x 14,6 x 13,2 cm
  • Material: BPA-free and lead-free PVC
  • The light works with 3xAAA batteries (not included) or 5 volt adapter (not included)
  • The battery lasts up to 20 hours to bring light for the entire family
  • Timer function

Manufacturer: A Little Lovely Company

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