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Moomin Guest book

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Beautiful guest book for every home and bungalow. A great gift idea!

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Charming book in Finnish for every home and bungalow. The book comes with Tove Jansson's drawings and citations of houses and their inhabitants, guests and visits, celebrations and afterparties.

Into MOOMIN guest book you can write down all the expected and unexpected guests, parties and the highlights of life. On the beginning of the book you'll write down information of the house and its inhabitants, and space left is for the memories and greetings from the visitors. From page to page the book will remember all the important memories of the happenings at home.

Tove Jansson's citations will tell you tales of all kinds of guests, curious visitations and the bottomless hospitability of moomins: "Ehkä he sittenkin olivat sukua. Ja tullessaan käymään vieraisilla sukulaiset saattavat viipyä pitkän aikaa. Jos hän on esi-isä, niin hän voi jäädä ainiaaksi. Kuka sen tietää.” (transl. "Perhaps they indeed were relatives. And once the relatives come and visit they may end up staying longer than expected. If he's an ancestor, he may be here to stay. Who will know?")

  • Written in Finnish
  • 112 pages
  • Hardcover

Publisher: WSOY

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