Arabia Moomin mug Fillyjonk

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Arabia Moomin mug Fillyjonk

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Arabia Moomin mug Fillyjonk 2021


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Excitedly cleaning Fillyjonk is the character of this moomin mug. The story starts when a psychiatrist arrives at the Moominvalley and heals Fillyjonk from her obsessive cleaning. Soon enough the house starts to fall into disrepair. Moominmamma fixes the situation with a clever trick: On the other side of the mug the children of Fillyjonk are carrying a telegram for her that mentions that the women's committee is planning to visit. And so Fillyjonk rekindles her passion for cleaning and fixes the house for the committee's visit.

  • Material: vitroporcelain
  • Capacity of the mug: 3dl
  • can be put in a microwave
  • can be put in an oven, max 250˚C degrees
  • freezer durable
  • dishwasher durable

Manufacturer: Arabia

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