Rose In April Joseph bunny lamp, white

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Rose In April Joseph bunny lamp, white

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Rose In April Joseph rabbit night light, white

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The world's cutest lamp! Sit the lovely bunny on your child's nightstand or a shelf. Joseph will watch over your kid's dreams and thus helps your child to fall asleep safely. You can turn the bunny's head in different positions. Perfect for yourself, but also a wonderful gift for anyone else!

Joseph bunny lamp is a safe and energy saving led-lamp, and lamp has a 10 000 hours durability guarantee by manufacturer. A lamp can usually be used approximately for 20 000 hours so in normal use the lamps lasts for years.

  • Measurements: height 58cm
  • Length of the cord. 1,5m
  • The power cord has a on/off switch and a low voltage transformer
  • Material: child-safe and durable PVC-plastic
  • Lamp is certified by European safety standards

Manufacturer: Rose In April

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Joseph pupuvalaisin-on söpö yövalo.Tykkän-voisi olla vain isompi.
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