A Little Lovely Company Monster door

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A Little Lovely Company Monster door

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A Little Lovely Company Monster door

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Magical and mysterious monster door helps your child to realize that maybe monsters are not as scary as you'd think. The child's magical thinking starts at the approximate of three, so the imaginary tiny monsters enhance your child's imagination. What if the monsters are actually nice and friendly instead of scary?

Setting up the tiny monster door is easy. Make sure that the area is smooth, dry and clean. Attach the door on the wall with adhesive putty (t.ex. blu-tack) or double-sided tape. Decorate around the door and the home of the little monsters is ready!

  • Comes with approx. 78 stickers, of which 37 glow in the dark
  • Measurements of the door 10,2 x 15 x 0,8 cm
  • Material: Woode

Manufacturer: A Little Lovely Company

Categories: Playroom home decor

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