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Organic Shop Minty Jasmine hand soap 500ml

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Organic Shop Minty Jasmine hand soap 500ml

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Product description

Organic Shop Minty Jasmine hand soap 500ml

Product details

This moisturizing hand soap includes organic mint and jasmine extract that both nourish intensively and make the skin on your hand soft and youthful. Spread a tiny amount on your hands and rinse with water. BDIH- and Cosmos Natural -certified.

Size: 500ml

Organic Shop -products are based on a simple combination of natural incredients and they include the maximum natural raw material. The products use natural oils and -extracts.

The products are clean and do not include silicones, parabens, synthetic preservatives, scents, colorings or polythene.

Made in EU according to the ISO 9001- and ISO 22716 -standards.

Manufacturer: Organic Shop

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