Tove Jansson: Tales from Moominvalley (revised edition)

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Tove Jansson: Tales from Moominvalley (revised edition)

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Tove Jansson: Näkymätön lapsi ja muita kertomuksia (uudistettu laitos).

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Beloved Moomin classics in Finnish in a beautiful renewed series-style.

Tales of the power of imagination and feelings - and of how important it is to find yourself and to be seen and accepted as you are.

Tales from Moominvalley includes nine different stories of the curios inhabitants of Moominvalley. In the first story Snufkin is just about to figure out a new spring song when he meets a nameless little creature. Mrs. Fillyjonk's life is restricted by her belief in misfortunes. Moominpappa feels the longing for adventures and joins the Hattifatteners, when Sniff makes a very un-Sniff-like deed: he gives up his toy dog Cedric. And who or what may be the mysterious and quite demanding Christmas that approaches Moominvalley?

  • Written in Finnish!
  • 187 pages
  • Hardcover
  • Age recommendation: 7+

Publisher: WSOY

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