Massager-Moomin, Stinky

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Massager-Moomin, Stinky

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Massager - Moomin, Stinky

Wooden massager-Moomin is suitable for playing but also for massages.

Product details

A massager-Moomin handmade from birch is both funny and practical. Wooden Moomin is suitable for both playing but you can also pamper and spoil your friend by giving them a relaxing massage. Helps your muscles to relax after a strenuous exercise.

Soft and round massage stumps will work the wonders for you. Massage with round movements but do not apply preassure. You can massage your back, legs or hands, or almost any place. Relaxing massage makes your mind brighter and enhances blood circulation. It is adviced to have approximately 20 minute massages at a time and remember to drink plenty of water afterwards.

  • Height: 11,5cm
  • Material: Birch
  • Age recommendation +3 years

Manufacturer: Isoisän puulelut, Finland

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