Arabia Moomin bowl Misabel, yellow

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Arabia Moomin bowl Misabel, yellow

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Arabia Moomin bowl Misabel, yellow

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Moomin dishes bring joy to each day, and the Moomin mugs are particularly popular gifts.

Gorgeous illustration on the moomin dish comes Tove and Lars Jansson's comic Moominmamma's maid from the year 1956. In the comic, Misabel is a paranoid, timid and fearful character, that works as a housemaid. On the bowl's illustration Misabel is working on a huge pile of dishes as her little dog Pimple, also known as Sorry-Oo at times, watches her work. On the other picture Misabel is working hard at washing rugs with Moominmamma. Will there ever be an end to the tremendous amount of work Misabel has?

  • vitro porcelain
  • diameter 15cm
  • can be put in a microwave
  • can be put in an oven, max 250C degrees
  • dishwasher washable
  • can be put in a freezer
  • Designer: Tove Slotte

Manufacturer: Arabia

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