Arabia Moomin mug 2020 Snorkmaiden, lila

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Arabia Moomin mug 2020 Snorkmaiden, lila

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Arabia Moomin mug 2020 Snorkmaiden, lila

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Moomin dishes bring joy to each day, and the Moomin mugs are particularly popular gifts.

Gorgeous illustration on the mug comes from year 1955 Moomin comic, Moomin in the Riviera. This mug tells a story of Snorkmaiden, who's dreaming of a life of luxury. Snorkmaiden likes to play with make up, pretty accessories and perfumes. She has won a huge amount of money on a casino and has bought a stylish bikini with the money. But her reflection does not please Snorkmaiden.

  • vitro porcelain
  • stands microwave use
  • stands oven use, max 250 degrees
  • can be put in a freezer
  • can be washed in a dishwasher
  • capacity 0,3l

Manufacturer: Arabia

Categories: Moomin mugs • Moomin collectables

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