Arabia Moomin mug Moominvalley 2017, special mug

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Arabia Moomin mug Moominvalley 2017, special mug

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Product description

Arabia Moomin mug Moominvalley 2017, special mug

This is Arabia's special mug and it's only sold for a limited time.

The production of this mug was discontinued in 2017.

Product details

Arabia Moomin mug Moominvalley 2017

Arabia has produced this special mug in cooperation with Tampere's art museum, where Tove Jansson donated almost her entire art collection as early as the year 1986. The collection consists of almost 2000 different works and the colletion gets a new setting when the world's first and only Moominmuseum is opened at summer 2017.

The illustration is from Tove Jansson's The Hobgoblin's hat -book's cover illustration and its original shades give off a lovely retro-like style. The story of the magician Hobgoblin's hat starts when Moomintroll and his friends find an odd hat from the mountain and take it with them back to the Moomin house.

Moomin mug's illustration now gives us all a little piece of art in our own homes. In this watercolor art mug can be seen the respect towards the artist Tove and this piece is a materialization of the respect for the entire collection in the museum.

The mug has also mesmerized the collectors, because according to some researchers, the ruby in the center of Tove's original watercolor work reflects the love between women. For this reason, the mug has been humorously called "sex mug" in some contexts.

  • Capacity of the mug: 3dl
  • Material: Porcelain
  • The mug can be put in a microwave, an oven, a dishwasher and a freezer safe.

Manufacturer: Arabia

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