Arabia Collector's plates Yellow & Hurray, 19cm, part 6/10

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Arabia Collector's plates Yellow & Hurray, 19cm, part 6/10

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Arabia Special plates Yellow & Hurray, 19cm, part 6/10

The sixth part of Arabia's collector's plates includes gorgeous Moomin plates "Yellow" and "Hurray".

Product details

The collector's plates' illustrations of the year 2019 are "Yellow" from the year 1990 and "Hurray" from the year 2012, when Helsinki was being celebrated as the World Design Capital of the year.

Arabia launched a new series of collector's edition plates for christams 2014  based on the rarest illustrations of Moomin mugs. There will be all in all 20 different plates, always a set of two, coming on sale yearly in the future.

The released plates so far:

  • 2014 Fazer & Moomintroll Dreaming
  • 2015 Green & Christmas Greeting
  • 2016 Blue & Tove 100
  • 2017 Night Sailing & Peace
  • 2018 Millenium & Rose

And this is the plate set of year 2019 that will be sold only for a limited time.

Special batch, available for only as long as there are products available. The plates have the year 2019 marked on their bottom stamp.

The collector's plates come as a set of 2 plates and will be delivered in a cardboard box.

Manufacturer: Arabia

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