Arabia Moomin mug / special mug Moominvalley Park Japan

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Arabia Moomin mug / special mug Moominvalley Park Japan

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Product description

Arabia Moomin mug / special mug Moominvalley Park Japan

Very hard to get Moomin mug Moominvalley Park Japan is sold only in one place in the world and that is Moomin Valley theme park. This particular mug is Arabia's special mug and due to the difficulty of getting it the price of the mug may vary in our shop.

For a collector this mug is absolutely a must-get, new and a mug in its gift box will surely bring great joy and be the highlight of any Moomin mug collection. A great gift for a Moomin mug collector.

Product details

Arabia launched a new Moomin mug to celebrate the Moomin Valley theme Park in Japan and this particular mug is sold only in that very theme park. The mug doesn't have a finnish name and it's named Moominvalley park Japan. The park is quite far away from the center of Tokyo as well, so the mug is very difficult to get. The park has also limited the sale of mugs, so you can only buy 2 per customer. The popularity of the mug also adds to the difficulty of getting the mug as sometimes the mug will be sold out temporarily even if you visit the park.

Now you have the opportunity to get this special collector's dream mug effortlessly and reliably from us. The mug is in prime condition, and double-checked by the Ihanaiset web shop and it will be delivered in its original gift box. The mug has a sticker on it. On the bottom the mug has a unique stamp. The illustration is based on advertisement for Föreningsbanken drawn by Tove Jansson from the year 1956.

Basic information:

  • Capacity of the mug: 3dl
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Can be put in an oven, a microwave, a dishwasher and a freezer

Manufacturer: Arabia

Categories: Moomin mugs • Moomin collectables

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