Umbra Numbra wall clock, black

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Umbra Numbra wall clock, black

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Umbra Numbra wall clock, black

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There are many ways to  display numbers! Numbra wall clock has gotten its inspiration from the houses' different ways to show house or street numbers. Beautiful variable typography turns this big clock into an actual art. The widht of the clock is approx. 80cm that it's a guaranteed eye-catcher in your house's interior design. The clock is suited to a living room, workspace, an office, a kitchen...

The clock comes with a model grpah that makes setting the clock up easier. You can adjust or make the clock bigger as you wish by placing the numbers wurther from the middle. The numbers have a tape-attachment so it's easy to set up. The clock machinery that works on batteries is attached with bolts or a nail.

Every Umbra's clock is tested on the factory. Your clock will tick just as it should!

Check the video from below and get inspired to lovely interior design! 

  • Requires 1 AA batteries
  • 5 year warranty
  • Quiet Quartz mechanism
  • Measurements: The diameter is approximately 81,9 cm
  • Designer: Umbra studio

Manufacturer: Umbra

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