Arabia Moomin Mug the Hobgoblin

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Arabia Moomin Mug the Hobgoblin

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Product description

Arabia Moomin Mug the Magician

This mystical Moomin mug brings a spark of colour to any table setting and tablewear. Mix with other Moomin dishes.

Product details

Moomin dishes bring to joy to every day and Moomin mugs are also popular gifts as well.

On this mystical mug the Hobgoblin is with his panther as stars and dark space spread behind him. The mug gorgeously completes the Arabia's wide variaty of Moomin mugs. This is the the first the Hobgoblin-themed Moomin mug.

  • vitro porcelain
  • capacity 0,3l
  • can be put in a microwave
  • can be put in an oven, max 250 degrees
  • can be put in a freezer
  • can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Designer: Tove Slotte

Manufacturer: Arabia

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