Arabia Moomin mug Too-Ticky

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Arabia Moomin mug Too-Ticky

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Arabia Moomin mug Too-Ticky.

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The Moomin mug's illustration has the pragmatic Too-Ticky. Dear friend of the Moomin family is a wise thinker, who can solve different problems and help Moomins keep things together. Unlike Moomins, Too-Ticky doesn't hibernate, but spends winters in Moomin famiy's bathing room. When the spring comes she wakes up the Moomin valley by playing a barrel organ.

Capacity of the mug 0,3l.

  • vitro porcelain
  • can be microwaved
  • can be put in an oven, max 250 degrees (Celsius)
  • stands under zero temperatures
  • machine washable

Designer: Tove Slotte, Manufacturer: Arabia

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