Arabia Moomin Mug Snowlantern, 2007

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Arabia Moomin Mug Snowlantern, 2007

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Product description

Arabia Moomin Mug Snowlantern, 2007

Mug is new and with the sticker. Production has discontinued.

Product details

Arabia's discontinued Moomin mugs are extremely popular and desired collectible items. In our store you can find past seasonal mugs, and other mugs which are no longer produced. All our mugs are new and have all the stickers in place. Have you already collected them all?

Mug's capacity/volume 0,3l.

  • porcelain
  • stands microwave use
  • stands oven use, max 250 degrees
  • stands frost and cold
  • can be washed in a dishwasher

Manufacturer: Arabia

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