Arabia Moomin mug Mymble's mother

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Arabia Moomin mug Mymble's mother

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Arabia Moomin mug Mymble's mother.

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Mymble’s Mother is a lovely Moomin mug representing Mymble’s and Little My’s adorable siblings with their mother. Whether you are a collector of Moomin items or not, you will love Moomin mug Mymble’s Mother.
Children and adults alike fall in love with the sympathetic characters of Moomin Valley as created by the author Tove Jansson. The Arabia artist Tove Slotte has designed the delightful Moomin objects in keeping with the original drawings.

Mug is made to last dishwasher, owen, microwave owen, coldness

Size: 0,3l
Material: Ceramics

Manufacturer: Arabia















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