Ihanaiset story

Ihanaiset story

Once upon a time in 2012... two passionate collectors of Moomin products decided to turn their hobby into something even better. To open an online store, where the main focus would be the dreams of Moomin fans, meaning adorable Moomin products from around the world. The online store would enable all Moomin fans to get the most peculiar and charming Moomin products online, even directly to their mailbox.

The shop Ihanaiset.fi was born - Dreams for Everyday Life, or rather for the everyday life of a Moomin fan. The product variety grew year by year, and 10 years later in 2022, there were perhaps the most products available in the world. There were up to 1,600 different Moomin products from up to 30 different manufacturers.

Moomin fans, like the people of Ihanaiset, wanted to bring other lovely things to the shop all the time. Products that delight, amuse and even make you laugh.

Ihanaiset is a 100% Finnish online store even to this today, and the eyes are always looking for something new and lovely. In our selection you will find lovely bags, wallets, accessories, home products for interior design and kitchen, lifestyle products for your own pleasure and as a gift. A lot of our own products have also been added to the selection, because Ihanaiset also has our own graphic designer, who produces wonderful, unique posters.

We are a Finnish the Key Flag -company and we operate near Pori in Ulvila. Products can also be picked up directly from our warehouse. Today, our shop is driven by Anne-Mari and the rest of the team consists of graphic designer Ruska, Kirsi and Pirjo who are responsible for customer service, and Niina takes care of the warehouse orders.

I'm glad you read our story. There is much more to the story than this and it is a pleasure that you are part of our journey. You can also find us on Facebook, where we also publish special offers for all likers. We can also delight you on Instagram. Follow us and be the first to hear about our news and offers. If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, you will also receive a gift from us with your order. You can order our newsletter here.

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