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An overview of the current shopping trends for Moomin clothes and accessories

Moomin clothes are usually cheerfully colorful, but also in 2023 the Moomin clothing trend has included clothes, where Tove Jansson’s old book illustrations have been used, and they are typically black and white.

Tips for finding the perfect clothes and accessories to match your body type

If you are rather short, tunics and shirts complement you well. Some dresses may be a little too long for you. The Martinex Hilda tunic fits well for almost any size and the sizing is fair-sized Finnish sizing. Moomin by HuiGee's dress-tunics are clearly suitable for people over 163cm tall. But otherwise HuiGee Moomin tunics are suitable for people of all sizes. HuiGee also manufactures high-quality Moomin leggings that are suitably lengthy for even tall people. Shorter people can shorten the length a little or simply fold it. HuiGee's sizing is also clearly Finnish sizing, since HuiGee uses Nanso's previous sizing master for planning them. Which means that if Nanso's clothes fit you well, HuiGee's will too. Moomin scarves and beanies are mainly made for us by HuiGee, Lasessor and Nordicbuddies. Moomin socks come from many different manufacturers, but even these always have Finnish sizes.

What are laundry symbols and how do they help in washing clothes, and washing instructions for clothes made of different materials

Read the washing instructions carefully already when you’re shopping, so you know how to wash and care for the product. Practical textiles can withstand water washing and, if necessary, tumble drying.

Pay attention to the following things when washing clothes

• Wash the garment for the first time by itself and completely according to the washing instructions so that the colors adhere well.
• Cotton and linen shrink a little in the wash.
• Synthetic fiber, such as viscose, shrinks somewhat in the wash, but shaping it while the garment is still damp and ironing it restores the original measurements.
• Do not dry silk clothes in sunlight, as the light, among other things, damages the colors.
• Wash colored and light textiles separately. Sort the laundry according to colors and washing instructions.
• Wash clothes while turned inside out. This essentially reduces the lint from forming on the surface of the garment and the uneven wear of the colors.
• Failure to follow the care instructions can cause, for example, shrinkage of textiles, uneven wear or even damage to the garment.

Enjoy your new Moomin clothes for a long time and remember that all our clothes have a 6-month warranty. 

The warranty does not cover the clothes if the garment has been washed incorrectly or if it has been damaged in any other way than due to faulty sewing.

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