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We are a 100% Finnish lifestyle and Moomin fan shop, where you can also find perhaps the world’s most comprehensive Moomin fan store, since in our selection you can find more than 1,600 different Moomin products from 30 different manufacturers around Finland and the rest of the world. We are a family business, and we’ll serve you directly from Finland, more precisely from Ulvila, near Pori. We are a happy group, and we have good vibes every day – after all, we get to be surrounded by our lovely products every working day. Learn more about our story. 

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Moomin mugs and other Moomin dishes

Whether you're looking for the Moomin mug that’s missing from your collection or simply looking for cute Moomin mugs you don’t have yet, you'll find the Moomin mugs in production with us, but sometimes also very rare Moomin mugs with stickers that are already out of production. We have Arabia and Muurla’s Moomin mugs, ceramic, glass and enamel mugs. Moomin bowls or Moomin plates are often compatible with the mugs.

Moomin clothing

We have the heaven for Moomin fans on our clothing side. Our selection includes clothes and accessories from Martinex, Moomin by HuiGee and Nordicbuddies. Are you looking for a Moomin Hoodie? You will find many from us. Popular Moomin tunics and Moomin dresses for women and girls, and for boys lots of Moomin shirts and sweatpants. In addition, the popular Moomin by HuiGee Moomin leggings are probably one of our best-selling clothes. We want all our clothes to be comfortable, high-quality and ecological. We prefer Finnish manufacturers. Try complementing your Moomin clothes with nice accessories. You can find Moomin beanies, also reflective ones, and Moomin scarves from both Lasessor and HuiGee.

Moomin games and toys

Do you feel like playing games and having exciting matches against (or with) your family, or putting together a puzzle for your own relaxation? You can find Moomin puzzles adn games from Tactic and Peliko, and the newly arrived puzzles by Barbo Toys. There are puzzles even for very tiny children, from a puzzle with only a few pieces to harder ones with up to 1000 pieces.

Moomin textiles

A large part of our Moomin selection is textiles for the home and interior design. From us you can find wonderful tapestry Moomin pillow covers by Aurora Decorari, and beautiful pillows by Ekelund and House of Disaster. Also, if you feel cold easily, remember how wonderful it is to curl up in a Moomin throw blanket. Naturally our selection also includes Finlayson’s Moomin towels and high-quality Moomin bed linen for the bedroom. Feel free to suggest what you can't find with us - your opinion is important to us. We Moomin fans will happily help other Moomin fans.

Moomin jewelry

You can also get Moomin jewelry suitable for celebrations and everyday life from us. Our selection includes silver Moomin necklaces and bracelets by Saurum. Have you already familiarized yourself with Coruu's gorgeous Moomin jewelry? Coruu makes lovely earrings, necklaces and bracelets from feather-light silicone. Wooden veneer earrings are charming new arrivals.

How would you like a Moomin bag, backpack or wallet?

In our store you will probably find the largest selection of Moomin bags. Which one is your favorite? A handy-sized Moomin shoulder bag, a purse, a backpack or a traditional canvas bag or perhaps a shopper bag? These often have matching stylish wallets and purses, as well as toiletry bags and make-up bags. We have a large selection of bags and wallets by Martinex, House of Disaster, Putinki and Logonet for example. Go through them all to find your favorites and how did the saying go again? For a woman, one new bag is always better than ten old ones.

A Moomin shop established by a Moomin fan is the dream store of all Moomin fans, because at the same time you can find everything you love and our customer service will help you in all matters, for example if you need something that we don't have.

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